Hardware I / II

Session Chair: Benny Åkesson

Thursday, July 9, 14:30 – 15:10 (CET) and 15:50 – 16:50 (CET)

Modeling and Analysis of Bus Contention for Hardware Accelerators in FPGA SoCs

Francesco Restuccia, Marco Pagani, Alessandro Biondi, Mauro Marinoni, and Giorgio Buttazzo

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On How to Identify Cache Coherence: Case of the NXP QorIQ T4240

Nathanaël Sensfelder, Julien Brunel, and Claire Pagetti

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Simultaneous Multithreading and Hard Real Time: Can it be Safe?

Sims Hill Osborne and James H. Anderson

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Tracing Hardware Monitors in the GR712RC Multicore Platform: Challenges and Lessons Learnt from a Space Case Study

Xavier Palomo, Mikel Fernandez, Sylvain Girbal, Enrico Mezzetti, Jaume Abella, Francisco J. Cazorla, and Laurent Rioux

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Discriminative Coherence: Balancing Performance and Latency Bounds in Data-sharing Multi-Core Real-Time Systems

Mohamed Hassan

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