Participating in the ECRTS 2020 virtual conference

The information below walks you through this year’s implementation of ECRTS 2020 as a virtual conference.

Attend the live sessions on zoom

Live sessions will happen at the scheduled times in the ECRTS 2020 main conference room. In response to your registration, you should have received an email with the login information to zoom, including the meeting password. Additional information on how to connect to zoom can be found here.

Regular paper sessions will start with a presentation of the paper (either live or via a video recorded by the authors). After that, you will have the opportunity to ask questions in a live Q&A session with the authors. To ask a question, please raise your hand in the zoom application. Your microphone will be unmuted by the session chair and will remain open until your question has been answered. If bandwidth permits, please enable your video when you ask a question. The picture above shows you where you can find the button to raise your hand. Please lower your hand after asking your question.

Chat on the ECRTS Mattermost

In addition to zoom, you can make use of the ECRTS chat to discuss with the authors, to find out what is happening and to ask for help. Like with zoom, you should have received registration information for Mattermost in your registration email. The picture on the right shows you the Mattermost chatrooms on the left sidebar and the current chat on the right.

The start and important events (e.g., when a paper is discussed) will be announced in the What is happening?channel. You can ask for help in the Help channel and, most importantly, you can chat with the authors about their work in the respective channel for their paper.

Participate in the social events

In addition to the regular paper sessions, we will have an outstanding paper session at the end of the conference, following the same format, with the important difference that we will announce the best paper after the session, so please stay tuned.

Also, we are planning for a few sessions to retain the networking and socializing opportunities that unfortunately, we will miss by not being in Modena this year. On the eve of the conference, we will have an invitation only first-timer reception to introduce newcomers to our conference and the real-time community, followed by a bring your own drink reception, open for all, to celebrate the start of ECRTS 2020. Be ensured, if there is interest, we will find further reasons to celebrate at the end of each day, for example, the honorable mentioning of the most creative drinks of the day (with or without alcohol).

As a special welcome for our newcomers, we will organize for the first time this year a special meet your mentor session, where you will be able to chat with one of the more senior members of the community. You will be contacted by your mentor with further details how to connect with her/him.

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