RT-Cloud 2020


Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, the workshop has been postponed to ECRTS 2021.


While most of the current cloud services operate on a best effort basis and provide no timing guarantees, there is a growing interest in cloud applications for industrial and critical applications. However, for cloud technologies to be fully embraced by industry, a higher degree of determinism is desired. This calls for new techniques and methodologies to design predictable and reliable cloud applications.

To achieve this, real-time performance will be required in all layers of the stack:

  • The network layer has to introduce bounded and controllable latencies. For example, in time-sensitive networks this implies a need for a higher-level controller highly integrated with the cloud orchestrator
  • The data plane services, such as messaging and storage need to provide guarantees on latency bounds
  • The control plane services, e.g. scaling, resource management, have to be aware of the real-time requirements and to use appropriate real-time techniques.

The RT-cloud workshop aims at being a forum for researchers working with topics related to real-time cloud and real-time virtualisation techniques, In particular, researchers are encouraged to submit papers regarding:

  • Deterministic hypervisors and cloud execution environments
  • Real-time cloud applications, such as automation and cloud robotics
  • Use-cases and requirements for RT-cloud applications
  • Management and orchestration aspects: design and assign based on real-time requirements
  • Experiments and experiences with RT-cloud
  • Predictable orchestration and cloud operation, e.g. end-to-end resource management and resource scheduling
  • Co-scheduling of virtual network and compute resources
  • Assurance in RT-cloud, deterministic scaling, fail-over, migration, etc
  • Modelling of network and cloud, execution stacks and applications
  • Tools and technique for resource sharing and isolation
  • Programming models for RT-Cloud

All the submissions will be reviewed by the members of the technical program committee and accepted papers will be included in the workshop proceedings, that will be available online on the workshop website. For every accepted paper, at least one author is expected to register for the workshop and present the paper.

Workshop Chairs

  • Johan Eker (Lund University/Ericsson)
  • Luca Abeni (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna – email luca.abeni@santannapisa.it)

Technical Program Committee

  • Dario Faggioli (SUSE)
  • Daniel Bristot de Oliveira (Red Hat)
  • Tommaso Cucinotta (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna)
  • Karl-Erik Årzén (Lund University)
  • Martina Maggio (Saarland University/Lund University)
  • Roberto Cavicchioli (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)

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