Preparing a video

The information below is a non-exclusive collection of ideas / tools / tutorials intended to inspire and help you creating your videos. If you would like to share another tool with your colleagues or if you know of an interesting tutorial, send me (Marcus Völp) an email I will add it to this page.

The minimal requirement for all ECRTS videos are slides with voice over, encoded in one of the common video formats (e.g., H.264/MP.3), however, please don’t let this restrict your creativity. In case you plan to present live, please provide us in addition the jump marks into your video, so that we can failover quickly and efficiently, just a simple list: slide x timestamp.

Probably the easiest way to produce this minimal version with power point is to go to the Slide Show tab, click Record Slide Show and Start Recording from Beginning with both narrations and timing active. Saving the file as MPEG-4 Video gives you the desired result. You can re-record parts you don’t like, by selecting Start Recording from Current Slide. Don’t forget to clear the recorded timing and narrations in case you plan to use the same .pptx file to present live.

OBS: Open Broadcaster Software is a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. On the right is a complete tutorial for beginners.

For the craftsmen among you, why not build yourself a lightboard.

A nice python-based library can be found here and the videos in this channel show you how to use it.

Of course, if real-time systems research is only your day job to make enough money until you succeed as VFX artist, you can also have a look at blender and at some of its video editing and VFX tutorials.

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