ECRTS 2020

The proceedings volume of ECRTS 2020 is now officially published as volume 165 of LIPIcs. Thanks to our open access policy, all papers are free to download at:

Welcome to the 32nd Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems held in, well, this year ECRTS will be everywhere on earth, implemented as a virtual event but with a lot of the old in new shape and a little new. For a sneak peak, check out our Participating in the ECRTS 2020 virtual conference page.

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The Euromicro Technical Committee on Real-Time Systems is proud to announce its 32nd Conference on Real-Time Systems (ECRTS’20) held everywhere on earth on July 7-10, 2020.

ECRTS is the premier European venue for presenting research into the broad area of real-time systems. Along with RTSS and RTAS, ECRTS ranks as one of the top three international conferences on this topic.

ECRTS has been at the forefront of recent innovations in the real-time community such as artifact evaluation and open access proceedings.

(image credits: NASA – Earthrise)

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