Scheduling and worst-case analysis

Session Chair: Geoffrey Nelissen

Wednesday, July 8, 13:20 – 15:10 (CET)

Fixed-Priority Memory-Centric Scheduler for COTS-Based Multiprocessors

Gero Schwäricke, Tomasz Kloda, Giovani Gracioli, Marko Bertogna, and Marco Caccamo

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CPU Energy-Aware Parallel Real-Time Scheduling

Abusayeed Saifullah, Sezana Fahmida, Venkata P. Modekurthy, Nathan Fisher, and Zhishan Guo

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PAStime: Progress-Aware Scheduling for Time-Critical Computing

Soham Sinha, Richard West, and Ahmad Golchin

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Dynamic Interference-sensitive Run-time Adaptation of Time-Triggered Schedules

Stefanos Skalistis and Angeliki Kritikakou

Stefanos will give a life presentation for this paper.

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Improving the Accuracy of Cache-Aware Response Time Analysis Using Preemption Partitioning

Filip Markovic, Jan Carlson, Sebastian Altmeyer, and Radu Dobrin

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