Real-Time Pitches

Real-Time Pitches generalize work-in-progress, wild-and-crazy-ideas, and journal-to-conference talks into an opportunity to address the real-time community with your interesting work or any other interesting thought that you would like to share. Pitches are 5 minute talks each and must be related to real-time systems as well as the general scope of ECRTS. Aside from that, you are free to talk about anything you think might interest the real-time community @ ECRTS.

To make sure topics are in scope and to schedule the session, we ask you to submit a short abstract (at most 1 page, but preferably much shorter) of your pitch. Note that ECRTS Real-Time Pitches (and ECRTS in general) welcomes not only classical real-time topics, but also encourages ideas that break new ground, depart from established subfields, or challenge the status quo (see ECRTS call for papers). The abstract will not be peer reviewed or published. If a pitch is accepted for presentation, one of the authors is expected to give a 5 minute live talk at the conference. 


  • Tolerating Resource Exhaustion Attacks in the Time-Triggered Architecture
    Mohammad Ibrahim Alkoudsi, Marcus Völp, and Gerhard Fohler.
  • The Case for Empirical Research into Industry Practice and Perspectives in Real-time Systems
    Benny Akesson, Mitra Nasri, Geoffrey Nelissen, Sebastian Altmeyer and Robert Davis
  • M³: A Platform for Heterogeneity, Security, and Real-Time
    Michael Roitzsch and Nils Asmussen
  • Real Time Crypto Unit for Embedded Systems
    Christian Piatka, Alexander Stegmeier, Sebastian Altmeyer, Peter Knauer, Philipp Schubaur and Dominik Merli
  • Which Future Trends Motivate Real-Time Research?
    Bjorn Andersson and Dionisio deNiz
  • How are we keeping track of time during real-time system development?
    Tilmann Unte and Sebastian Altmeyer
    Marcus Völp and Antonio Casimiro

Session Chair

Timothy Bourke

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