ECRTS awards

Gerhard Fohler receives the ECRTS outstanding achievement award for two decades of leadership and services to the conference and the real-time community in general.

In 1998, what is now ECRTS used to be a workshop which was about to vanish, when Gerhard Fohler took over as the organizing person and scientific lead behind Euromicro’s real-time systems effort. In the years since then, Gerhard has turned this workshop into a leading conference, maintaining top ranks in several ranking systems (including Core A, CAPES A1, and ASN A, to mention only a few). Gerhard was the driving force behind introducing and implementing many innovations that have since been adopted by many other conferences, including a Work in Progress Poster session, Calls to Action, Artifact Evaluation, Industrial Challenges, and Open-Access proceedings. Without his determination and leadership, ECRTS would not have been what it is now: one of the three top international conferences for promoting state-of-the-art research for real-time systems. 

It is with deepest  gratitude that the real-time community awards the ECRTS outstanding achievement award to Prof. Dr. Gerhard Fohler in recognition for two decades of leadership and services to the conference and the real-time community in general.

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