WATERS Industrial Challenge proposed by Thales


The Thales industrial challenge is proposed by Rafik Henia and Laurent Rioux from Thales.

The challenge consists of an aerial video tracking system used in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, tactical and security applications. The system is characterized by strict and less strict constraints on timing. Two timing verification problems are proposed to the community, which consist in calculating various timing latencies and optimizing priority assignments.

Latest version of the challenge

  • The latest version of the challenge is available here.
  • Additional information can be found in the presentation of the 2015 version of the challenge here.


For questions and comments, register on the WATERS community forum and post here.

A bit of history

  • The challenge was originally presented at FMTV 2014.
  • A first version of the challenge was proposed at WATERS 2015.
  • A consolidated version was proposed at WATERS 2017.

Proposed solutions

  • Solutions to the 2017 version are available here.
  • Solutions to the 2015 version are available here.

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