WATERS Industrial Challenge proposed by Bosch GmbH


The Bosch industrial challenge is proposed by Arne Hamann, Simon Kramer, Martin Lukasiewycz, Michael Pressler, Dakshina Dasari, Falk Wurst and Dirk Ziegenbein from Bosch GmbH.

The challenge consists in providing concepts for realizing implicit and LET communication, then assessing their impact on the end-to-end latency along a set of given cause-effect chains in a full blown engine management software.

Latest version of the challenge

  • A new version of the challenge is expected for 2019. More information here.
  • The latest version of the challenge is available here.
  • The description of the challenge (with an outdated model) and a thread of questions related to it are available here.
  • Additional information can be found in the presentation of the 2016 version of the challenge here and there.


For questions and comments, register on the WATERS community forum and post here.

A bit of history

Proposed solutions

  • Solutions to the 2017 version are available here.
  • Solutions to the 2016 version are available here.

Related publications

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