Pisa, Italy, July 10, 2012

in conjunction with the
24th Euromicro Intl Conference on Real-Time Systems
Pisa, Italy, July 11 - 13, 2012

in collaboration with ARTIST2 NoE

Online Proceedings (Dagstuhl DROPS)

Workshop Proceedings (single PDF)

Registration and hotel information is available through the web site of the 24th Euromicro Intl Conference on Real-Time Systems

Workshop chair

Tullio Vardanega
Department of Mathematics
University of Padua
Phone: +39 049 827 1359

Important dates (deadlines)

  • Paper submission deadline: April 7 11:59 EDT (automatic extension to April 17, same time)

  • Notification of acceptance: May 19

  • Submission of corrected papers: June 9

  • Broadcast of papers to attendees: June 23

  • WCET Workshop: July 4

  • Euromicro Conf. on RTS: July 5 - 7

  • Final version of papers: Sept. 1

Workshop Website


ECRTS website


Program committee

Ian Bate,
University of York, UK
Guillem Bernat,
Rapita Systems Ltd, UK
Francisco Cazorla,
Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain
Heiko Falk,
Ulm University, Germany
Jan Gustafsson,
Maelardalen University, Sweden
Kevin Hammond,
University of St Andrews, UK
Chris Healy,
Furman University, USA
Vesa Hirvisalo,
Aalto University, Finland
Niklas Holsti,
Tidorum Ltd, Finland
Raimund Kirner,
University of Hertfordshire, UK
Bjoern Lisper,
Maelardalen University, Sweden
Stefan Petters,
ISEP - IPP, Portugal
Isabelle Puaut,
University of Rennes 1 / IRISA, France
Martin Schoeberl,
Technical University of Denmark
Christine Rochange,
IRIT, France
Reinhard Wilhelm,
Universitaet des Saarlandes, Germany
Wang Yi,
Uppsala University, Sweden

Steering committee

Guillem Bernat,
Rapita Systems Ltd., UK
Jan Gustafsson,
Maelardalen University, Sweden
Peter Puschner,
Vienna University of Technology, Austria

The Euromicro Technical Committee organizes a number of satellite events attached to its 24th International Real-Time Systems Conference (ECRTS-12). This workshop is the 12th on the series of WCET workshops that started at the 2001 Euromicro conference. The workshop information is disseminated with help from the ADSIG Special Interest Group.


The workshop brings together academic researchers, technology makers and industry professionals who face the challenges of timing analysis in the development of real-time systems. The workshop adopts a highly interactive format with short, colloquial presentations and ample time for in-depth discussion of research results, new challenges, problems and research directions.


The growing complexity of modern hardware, the advent of multicore processors, and the intricate organization of long-lived software systems challenge the results achieved by timing analysis techniques, for users and researchers alike.

Design principles for the construction of timing-composable systems at both hardware and software level (compiler, runtime and development method) are sought for timing analysis to respond to the emerging needs.

On this account, the workshop especially solicits contributions that:

  • discuss the limits of state-of-the-art timing analysis against aggressive hardware and software organizations, including but not limited to multicore systems, from both the research and the industrial perspectives;
  • present research results and research directions in timing analysis, and the system-level hardware and software support for it, that address the challenges ahead.

As part of and in addition to that, the workshop welcomes submissions that address:

  • Novel approaches to WCET computation and strategies to reduce the analysis complexity, including time-predictable computer architectures and synergy with compilers
  • Advances in tools for WCET analysis
  • Capturing flow facts to feed flow analysis for WCET
  • Needs and constraints stemming from current and future industrial development process and schedule that timing analysis should best accommodate
  • WCET-related analyses of code generated from design models
  • Experience with the integration of WCET with schedulability analysis, as well as with the software and system development process
  • Methods and benchmarks for WCET analysis evaluation.

Statements which are innovative, controversial, or that present new approaches are specially sought.


People who would like to participate in this event are asked to submit a 6 page short paper (PS or PDF) via the workshop submission system. Upon acceptance, a corrected version of the paper should be prepared and submitted. All papers will be made available to all participants a week before the workshop so that contributions can be examined prior to the workshop.

The workshop fosters a highly interactive format of short presentations combined with ample time for in-depth discussions. Authors will be asked to produce a final version of their paper that includes the issues covered in the discussions by September 1, 2006. The final papers will be published.

To foster the workshop character, the number of participants will be limited. There will be a small charge for workshop registration. The workshop will be held in Pisa (more details will come later). See the Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems website ECRTS12 for information on the venue, hotel reservations and the city.

Past Workshops

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