7th International Workshop on Real-Time Networks RTN'08

Prague, Czech Republic, July 1, 2008

in conjunction with the

20th Euromicro Intl Conference on Real-Time Systems
Prague, Czech Republic, July 2 - 4, 2008

Workshop Chair

Anis Koubâa

Research affiliation
IPP-HURRAY Research Group, ISEP-IPP, (Portugal)
Teaching affiliation
Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud University
College of Computer Science and
Information Systems
11681 Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

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Program Committee
  • Mohamed Abid
    (University of Sfax, Tunisia)
  • Luis Almeida
    (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
  • Jean-Dominique Decotignie
    (Swiss Center for Microtechnology, Switzerland)
  • Sameh Gobriel
    (Intel Corporation, USA)
  • Tian He
    (University of Minnesota, USA)
  • Lucia Lo Bello
    (University of Catania, Italy)
  • Daniel Mossé
    (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
  • Paolo Pagano
    (RETIS Lab, Italy)
  • Shashi Prabh
    (IPP -HURRAY!, Portugal)
  • Jens B. Schmitt
    (University of Kaiserslautern, Germany)
  • Ye-Qiong Song
    (LORIA - Nancy University - INPL, France)
  • Thiemo Voigt
    (Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Sweden)
  • Andreas Willig
    (Technical University of Berlin, Germany)

Important Deadlines

  • Submission of papers: 24 April 2008
  • Notification of acceptance: 26 May 2008
  • Submission of updated papers: 14 June 2008
  • Broadcast of papers: 20 June 2008
  • RTN Workshop: 1 July 2008
  • Euromicro Conf. on RTS: 2-4 July 2008
  • Final versions: 8 September 2008

Previous Editions


The Euromicro Technical Committee organizes a number of satellite events attached to its 20th International Real-Time Systems Conference. The Real Time Networks (RTN, formerly RTLIA)) workshop is the seventh on the series of workshops that started at the 2002 ECRTS conference.
RTN focuses on the current technological challenges of developing communication infrastructures that are real-time, reliable, pervasive and interoperable.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together people from industry and academia that are interested in all aspects of real-time communication.
The workshop will provide a relaxed forum to present and discuss new ideas, new research directions and to review current trends in this area. The workshop will be based on short presentations that should encourage discussion among the attendees. Statements which are innovative, controversial or that present new approaches are specially sought.


Workshop Program

Jean-Dominique Decotignie (Swiss Center for Microtechnology, Switzerland)
Real-Time and Wireless Sensor Networks : why do we need another view at it ?

  • 10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
  • 11:00-12:30 Session 1: Adaptive Wireless Networks
    (Chair: Eduardo Tovar)
    1. Sameh Gobriel, Robert Cleric and Daniel Mosse
      Adaptations of TDMA Scheduling for Wireless Sensor Networks
    2. Frederico Santos, Luis Almeida and Luis Seabra Lopes
      Adaptive wireless communication for teams of mobile robots: a position paper
    3. Marcelo Maia Sobral and Leandro Becker
      The Real-Time Subject Routing Protocol
  • 12:30-14:00 Lunch
  • 14:00-15:15 Keynote Speech 2

Daniel Mossé (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
Cyber-Physical Systems, (Real-time) Networking, the Internet: where will it go? where will we go?

  • 15:15-16:00 Session 2: Challenges in Cyber-Physical and Sensor Systems
    (Chair: Jean-Dominique Decotignie)
    1. Eduardo Tovar, Bjorn Andersson, Nuno Pereira, Mario Alves, Shashi Prabh and Filipe Pacheco
      Highly Scalable Aggregate Computations in Cyber-Physical Systems
  • 15:00-16:00 Coffee Break
  • 16:30-17:30 Session 3: Performance Evaluation of Real-Time Networks
    (Chair: Luis Almeida)
    1. Rim Guermazi and Laurent George
      Worst case end-to-end response times of periodic tasks with an AUTOSAR/FlexRay infrastructure
    2. Emanuele Toscano and Lucia Lo Bello
      On the Use of IEEE 802.15.4 for Real-Time Wireless Sensor Networks
  • 17:30-18:00 Closing Discussion

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