June 30th, 2009       Dublin, Ireland (in conjunction with ECRTS09) organised and funded by ARTIST 



Pre workshop proceedings are available here.


Developers of Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) are faced with many challenges arising from two opposing needs: extreme optimisation of resource usage (processor, energy, network bandwidth, etc.) and dynamic configuration, flexible scheduling, component-based development and deployment, etc. While real-time systems continue to be used in many small embedded applications, real-time services are being introduced and used in general- purpose operating systems. Notable examples are the various flavours of Linux that provide support to time-sensitive applications.

This workshop was intended as a forum for researchers and practitioners of RTOS to discuss the recent advances in RTOS technology and the challenges that lie ahead.

Topics include but were not limited to:

- Dynamic reconfiguration and upgrading;
- Support for component based development;
- Scalability, from very small scale embedded systems to full-fledged OSes;
- Flexible scheduling;
- Quality of Service guarantees;
- Real-Time on Linux;
- Interaction with reconfigurable hardware;
- Support for embedded multiprocessor architectures;
- Coordinated management of multiple resources;
- Security and fault tolerance for embedded real-time systems;
- Power-aware operating systems.

The workshop consisted of submitted papers as well as invited presentations about academic state-of-the-art and industrial state-of-practice within the area.

The workshop fostered a highly interactive format of presentations combined with ample time for in-depth discussions. Authors had the opportunity to submit a final version of their paper that includes issues raised at the workshop. The final papers will be published in a workshop proceedings, as a IPP technical report.

There was a small charge for workshop registration. See the Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems website http://ecrts09.ecrts.org/ for information on the venue, hotel reservations, and the city of Dublin.

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