July 5th, 2005       Palma de Mallorca, Spain sponsored by Artist 


OSPERT 2005 Workshop on Operating Systems Platforms for Embedded Real-Time applications

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Research on innovative RTOS architectures and services is a hot topic. Developers of Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) are faced with many challenges arising from two opposite needs: extreme optimization of resource usage (processor, energy, network bandwidth, etc.) vs. dynamic configuration and upgrading, flexible scheduling, component-based development and deployment, etc. While real-time systems continue to be used in many small embedded applications, real-time services are being introduced and used in general- purpose operating systems. Notable examples are the various flavors Linux that provide support to time-sensitive applications.

This workshop is intended as a forum for researchers and practitioners of RTOS to discuss the recent advances in RTOS technology and the challenges that lie ahead.

Topics can be but are not limited to:
  • dynamic reconfiguration and upgrading;
  • support component based development;
  • scalability, from very small OSEK-based OS to full-fledged OSes;
  • flexible scheduling;
  • quality of service guarantees;
  • Real-Time on Linux;
  • hardware-based operating systems;
  • interaction with reconfigurable hardware;
  • support for embedded multi-processor architectures;
  • coordinated management of multiple resources;
  • security and fault tolerance for embedded rts;
  • power aware OS.

The workshop consists of invited presentations about academic state-of-the-art and industrial state-of-practice within the area, as well as submitted papers.

Upon acceptance, a complete version of the paper (max 10 pages) must be prepared and submitted. All papers will be made available to all participants a week before the workshop so that contributions can be examined prior to the workshop.

To foster the workshop character the number of participants will be limited to 40. There will be a small charge for workshop registration (more details will be announced later). See the Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems website http://www.cs.york.ac.uk/rts/ECRTS05/index.php for and information on the venue hotel reservations.

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